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Kazuma Hawaii

kazuma surfboards

For over 25 years, Kazuma Surfboards has been manufacturing custom surfboards for  the best surfers in the world. Our 10 expert craftsmen have over 135 years of combined board building experience and are the best in the business.  In the last 25 years we have manufactured over 34,000 surfboards so we  know how to do things right.

Shaper’s Profile:

Owner and shaper Matt Kazuma Kinoshita was born and raised in Hawaii and has been surfing for more than 30 years.  Matt was once a top level professional surfer and  even the United States Surfing Champion.  From one foot to 40 feet, Matt is still a standout in the lineup. Over the last 20 years, Matt has been passing all his knowledge to the kids and his Kazuma coaching program has already produced several generations of champions.  From Dusty Payne to Ian Walsh, the list of superstars from the Kazuma program is second to none.  Matt learned the art of surfboard shaping from the legendary Master Ben Aipa. “Ben Aipa was my surfing coach and shaping mentor and I was lucky to have studied under sensei Aipa, the person that I consider the greatest shaper of all time”.You can find Matt on Sunday all alone in my factory experimenting with some new epoxy that is supposedly stronger and will yellow less than anything on the market. Testing new products and materials is one of the things that drives me to work so hard. Bringing my customers the best boards that money can buy is my goal.